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API Monitor 2.0

API Monitor monitors APIs made by applications and displays results
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The APIs made by applications can be monitored with the API Monitor software. It displays how your Windows applications are working or it can be used to track problems within your own applications. The latest version, API Monitor 1.5, includes a filter for many kinds of API categories.
The APIs that now can be monitored with this program are: Registry, File, Dynamic Link Libraries, Network Management, Device I/O, NT Services, Processes / Threads, NT Native API, NT Security API, Window Classes, Memory Management, Windows, Dialog Boxes, Debugging, Windows Sockets, Handles / Objects.
The program lets you view the API details collected in a new window. The format is clear and easy to follow and should the API call fail, you will be given a description of the error causing it. You can also save the details and view at a later time.
If you want to monitor processes while they are running on your computer, then this program also has a function that will monitor all background APIs or processes that are already running. If you choose this, then a list of all processes will be generated and you can then pick out the one you want to be monitored.

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  • Displays all information clearly and can monitor while a process is running


  • Cannot monitor NT processes
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